Top 10 FREE Video Call Recorder Apps

Video calling and recording may be a fun. Making memories together with your loved ones through long distances you furthermore also wish to save lots of them in your phones by recording a video of them. They must use not only as a mode of non public communication but also in professional and business sectors. So to save lots of your important moments with your loves ones, discussions which you want to save or for thoughts video call recorders are the best option.
Video calls are popular and utilized by anyone whether at job places, homes or any of the learning institutions. Technology has up to date now a days and made everything easy for communication purpose. Anytime you’ll record something which seems to be very important for you. It is always good to stay a record of video calls for some quality purposes and other valuable reasons.
So the main question which involves your mind is how you’ll record a video call. Here we’ve got top 10 free video call recorder apps which are able to definitely facilitate your requirements.

Things to Consider Before Downloading a Video Call Recorder

 Apps are fun using and just too convenient to download that you simply might download them without even thinking. There are some considerations to form before you download an app. Like they’re free or paid what information will they receive from your device and who will get access to your information. It’s a matter of your security and privacy. So keep these features in mind before you attempt to download.

  • Updated Software

The first thing to test is your software. Make it sure that your device software has the most recent updates which are installed in your devices before proceeding with the download.

  •  Continue to a Trusted Source 

Whenever you attempt to download something and click on that button for an inventory of permissions requesting access to your information pop on your phone screen. To guard your privacy it’s essential that you simply read through the app’s privacy policy to know what information it will collect and the way it’ll be utilized by the corporate.

  • Security Concerns

It is recommended to possess a Security App installed on your smart phones. A security app notifies you about the danger of downloading an app which may protect your phone from any reasonable damage.

  • Download apps from official stores only

It’s better to choose only the official app stores for downloading. The official sites test the apps on certain security purposes and confirm that they follow a typical security procedure. On the opposite hand downloading apps from insecure websites enhances the damage of software and other harming issues.

Best Video Call Recorder Apps

This app is really very fantastic for your video call recorder. It has many of the advantages the first thing is it totally free of cost without any in app purchase. No time limit for recording is its biggest feature you will enjoy your recorded video in high quality graphics. With this DU recorder you can record your games very easily and also record your video calls with your friends and family. You’ll also able to record your programs with it like periscope and Bigo live. 
The main function this app can play is that it can edit your videos you can easily make operations with the screen recorder. You can cut, trim and merge videos through it. Because of its multiple functions you will love it with its background changing feature. Adding of subtitles into your video is an additional function it can play in your device.

There are many reasons you should consider this one as the best video recorder app. Easy to use you can easily record video with unlimited time. There are many features this app has which you love it. It has floating window feature that stays on the top of your device screen which let to start recording your video at any time.
The floating button let you stop your video from recording at the exact moment. You can also stop recording by switching your phone screen off. You can save your video where you wanted to.

  • Audio video Call Recorder

Audio video call recorder let you record video automatically during video conversation. It has option to record audio calls. This app can record HD resolution and can support all screen resolutions. You will have amazing experience with this app while capturing calls from all social media networks including WhatsApp, Imo, Skype, Facebook and viber. You can share these recorded videos by using any of the network. Totally free app so there is no reason for you to not download his app. With no user interaction it have automatic features through this app you can upload or export your files to Google Drive or Drop Box.   

  • Screen Recorder for Fire tablets

Screen recorder is another highly recommended app you can download for free. This screen recorder and video editor is best for tablets. It can record audio video calls on your tablets and mobiles. If you are looking background app that records video then this one the best. Easily used this background recorder has no watermark.  Through this app you can live stream screen record good for game screen recording and UC screen records. High quality HD resolution will fall you in love with this app. It can record your device live application usage like you can record typing of messages, viewing and listing to any audio video message can be record in it very easily.
By using your front camera you will able to record your own video in it. Hidden recorder in it can help you to make tutorial videos of any app.

If you want to download the best video calling app then Screen recorder and video caption is not a bad choice. The best HD resolution screen recorder can capture your game recording, live shows, online videos and video calls. With this recorder you can record, screenshot and share video. A totally free app with no watermark issue will give you the best screen recording experience. 
Floating window feature can easily start and stop by notification bar and also can move anywhere on the screen. A better option is to make YouTube tutorials from it. Intelligent 3 second preparation after starting the recording will help you to set up your screen. 
One tap on screen can capture screenshot you can also record external audio by using this app and very convenient for making promotional videos.

Just Talk is the best video recorder for group chats or calls up to 16 peoples at a time. Its best feature is that it can schedule calls and send reminders so it’s the best app for schedule meetings. Easily group call controls you can block mute and remove participant anytime you need.
Make video call on HD quality over any network easily. Recording of video and voice call is very easy in this app you can play game send sticker and more all in one app. A totally free app with many of the features will be fun for you and never miss a chance to download it. Also you can make international call at very low rate. Its unique function of changing theme modes and musical ringtones has an excellent impression.  

A stable and unique video call recorder can easily use for recording and sharing videos. Game screen recording will make it attractive for game lovers. Any of the business discussion on video call you can record it and save it in your gallery. This free recorder has HD face cam. This is an invisible screen recorder and best for Snap chat.

HD free screen recorder is the best app for your device. No time limits and watermarks made you feel free to download. It’s not require any access to your device completely secure app. Timer on the starting of video will made you prepare for it.
Easily use and save file to your device. HD quality video on face cam you can also trim video which made this app more impressive near you.

This one is another best option when you are looking for the best recorder for your device. This app is free with no time limit and NO watermark. It’s the perfect app to let you record any app or any game without any time limit. A lot more it has many features that fill up all your needs. Through it you can record audio and video. With its internal microphone it can record smooth and clear voice in video and voice recording. It has video making options of MP4 or MKV.

Easy to use this recorder has all the features which you need. High quality video with fast action and a floating button just tap one button to start a video. Screen record text message voice and video call. This app does not need internet connection you can record and save video while your device is offline. 
Video calling and recording is the greatest way to connect to your friends and a family. To save these memories into your device is the very important feature. So this buying guide will help you to collect all the information about it.
These all easy to use top 10 best video recording apps will help you find your best recorder for you. We hope you enjoy it.

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