41 Best Places to Start Free Blog Sites

It is always confusing for anyone to find best place to start free blog sites easily. In this article you will find fifteen of the best blog sites to create a free website.

Best Free Blogging Sites

There are many good sites available these days to start your free blog sites easily and quickly. Blogging is one of the most effective ways to share information and generate RahulDigital online.
There are numerous free blogging sites but not all free platforms are similar, as some blog sites provides better opportunities for growth and exposure than the others.
Below is the list of best free blog sites where you can quickly start your blog:

  1. Blogger.com

Blogger.com platform is owned by Google and it is most popular among casual bloggers who write or share online for enjoyment. Blogger is best known for its instantaneous setup and easy-to-use system.
This is a free blogging platform that is simple to use for anyone juststarting out with a blog. Blogger.com is very stable, especially due to Google’s support.
To start your blog site with step by step picture guide, check below article:
For official Blogger support center where you can find tips and tutorials on using Blogger and other answers to most frequently asked questions:  Click Here
Official forum for finding and sharing solutions with Blogger.com: Click Here

  1. WordPress.com

WordPress.com is another enormously popular platform; WordPress is super flexible for new blogger. WordPress is a great free publishing tool and search engine friendly CMS (Content Management System ), it can help your blog to quickly rank on search engine without much effort.
WordPress can work for everyone from part-time bloggers to important businesses mainly because it offers a huge collection of paid and free custom themes and plugins.
For official article on start free blog site with WordPress.com: Click Here
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Official forum for finding and sharing solutions with WordPress.com: Click Here

  1. Tumblr.com

Tumblr.com is a blogging option that is very popular with younger audiences. The platform itself is simple to use. Tumblr users can share visual content mostly pictures, videos, links and infographics.
One of the best features of Tumblr is that it is focused on the community of bloggers, so it provides a range of options for sharing and reblogging content.
To start your free blog site with step by step picture guide, check below article:
For official Tumblr.com support center: Click Here

  1. Wix.com

Wix.com is a cloub-based web development platform. Wix features hundreds of unique and very professional looking designs that can easily be customized to keep your blog exceptional.
Wix provides responsive themes, suitable for all kind of devices. Wix also provides a good amount of information and support for its users, including email and phone support for customized answers to your questions.
To start your free blog site with step by step picture guide, check below article:
For official Wix.com support center: Click Here

  1. Weebly.com

Weebly.com provides a wide range of easy-to-use features, including drag and drop options for those who do not want to learn coding to make simple changes.
Weebly has evolved into an outstanding tool that is currently seen far ahead of its competition. It’s simple, neat and easy to use, which is exactly what people with limited technical skills need when it comes to creating their own free blog sites.
After you register with Weebly you need to create your blog site, for official Youtube video on how to start free blog site on Weebly.com: Click Here
For official Weebly.com support center: Click Here

  1. Quora.com

Quora.com is a question-and-answer website where users submit questions that will be answered, edited and then organized by the rest of the site’s community of users. In January 2013, a blogging platform was launched by Quora.
Blogs on Quora are great for people who

  • Don’t have a big, established online presence already
  • Don’t want to do the time-intensive, heavy lifting of marketing their blog and slowly building an audience.

Your Quora blog can be discovered quickly without you having to do any work besides writing. Writing one great post on Quora will attract a big audience, no matter how many people already know or follow you.
To start your free blog site with step by step picture guide, check below article:

  1. LiveJournal.com

LiveJournal.com started out as a social networking site but over the years has transformed into a very simple blog platform and journal community.
LiveJournal is a free blogging platform where you can make any kind of blog like weblog, photo blog, audio blog or video blog. You can also sign up for the paid version if you need some more features.
LiveJournal is a famous blogging platform in many countries of world, mainly in the U.S., Russia, France and Japan, because it is available in various languages and you can make a blog in your countries language.
To start your free blog site with step by step picture guide, check below article:
For official LiveJournal.com support center: Click Here

  1. Blog.com

Blog.com provides a powerful blog publishing platform for free. You can choose from many beautiful themes to start your free blog site.
The best part of Blog.com is that you can get your own blog address that looks like yourblogname.blog.com, which is trouble-free for anyone to remember your domain name.
For official article on start free blog site with Blog.com: Click Here
For official Blog.com support center: Click Here

  1. SquareSpace.com

Squarespace.com is a pretty sophisticated product that offers great-looking templates that are optimized for mobile devices (responsive web design). Squarespace gets you a modern, beautiful, responsive website for desktop and mobile.
Squarespace positions themselves as the website builder for blogs, portfolio sites and online stores. It provides lots of powerful website building tools and options.
You can add pretty much any type of content to a blog post. Squarespace also provides good help and analytic tools.
For official video on starting free blog site on SquareSpace.com: Click Here
For official SquareSpace.com support center: Click Here

  1. Hubpages.com

HubPages.com is blogging community.  It’s good for non-technical people who don’t want to burden themselves with domain, hosting or site management problem.
Hubpages is also great in the sense that it provides you a chance to earn from advertisements shown on your blog articles. Hubpages is actually a revenue sharing website where you can publish your articles having a unique and original content and earn good income from advertisements.
All the pages made on your Hubpages blog are listed on the major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo within few days of publishing your post. All you need is to write high-quality content and you should get lots of visitors from Hubpages.
If you have any query related to Hubpages blog then you can find your answer on their forum or you can also email your query to their support team.
For official article on start free blog site with Hubpages.com: Click Here
For official Hubpages.com help center: Click Here
Official forum for finding and sharing solutions with Hubpages.com: Click Here

  1. Joomla.com

Joomla.com allows you to create your own free blog site within a few steps of registering.  Joomla.com offers free hosted sites for people who have no desire or who don’t yet have the knowledge to start out with self-hosted blog.
Registration procedure is easy and simple, to register with Joomla.comyou just need to fill in some basic information and your Joomla blog site will be ready.
For official article on start free blog site with Joomla.com: Click Here
For official Joomla.com tutorial: Click Here

  1. Medium.com

Medium.com is an online publishing platform developed by Twitter co-founder Evan Williams on August 2012.
Medium.com is one of the best blogging platforms that provide you with lots of features, including full control over your content. Medium.com is about the writing, so they make it easier for people to find and read your writing, and for you to find and read others.
For official Medium.com support center: Click Here

  1. LinkedIn.com

LinkedIn.com which launched in 2003 is the place where professionals stay connected. LinkedIn is part professional networking site, part social networking site and part job board.
LinkedIn.com is a great profile tools, also have the ability to add multimedia piece. Your site or profile can be easily found as LinkedIn.comis also search engine friendly. There are a lot of settings to customize in LinkedIn and features that you can learn.
Where general-interest social networking sites uses and shares lists of movies, bands and favorite, LinkedIn highlight professional affiliations, work experiences, skills and job titles.
For official article on start free site with LinkedIn.com: Click Here
For official LinkedIn.com support center: Click Here

  1. Facebook.com/notes

Facebook.com/notes originally appeared on the site as a means for users to write extended entries though it never really caught on with the user base. However, the update transforms Facebook.com/notes into a tiny CMS within the Facebook environment.
Facebook.com/notes  has the ability to add cover art, caption images, resize inline photos and format text. The presentation is clean and focused on delivering a great writing and reading experience.
Facebook is ensuring that their massive mobile user base is able to easily read and consume note content using the Facebook mobile apps.
For official Facebook.com/notes support center: Click Here

  1. Plus.Google.com/Pages

Plus.Google.com/Pages offers you the opportunity to create a business page to promote your business, organization or a specific product you have in mind.
When you create a page, it works like a Google+ profile, where you can share anything including images and videos. It can be used for hangout and can add people to your Google Plus Page.
The Google Plus community is growing in numbers and you can take advantage of a Google Plus page to get your business to a wider audience.
For official Plus.Google.com/Pages support center: Click Here

List of More Best Places to Start Free Blog Sites Today

  1. Thoughts.com

  1. Tinypress.co

  1. Postach.io

  1. Svbtle.com

  1. Zoho.com

  1. Edublogs.org

  1. Blogdrive.com

  1. Simplesite.com

  1. Connect.over-blog.com

  1. Siteblog.com

  1. Webnode.com

  1. Sitebuilder.com

  1. 5gbfree.com

  1. Blogsome.com

  1. Myspace.com

  1. Vox.com

  1. Xanga.com

  1. Newsisfree.com

  1. Blog-city.info

  1. Bloghub.com

  1. Jimdo.com

  1. Travelpod.com

  1. Fotopages.com

  1. Contentful.com

  1. Blogabond.com

  1. Freevlog.org

Start Free Blog Sites – Bottom Line

Free blog sites are not for professional bloggers as it comes with too many disadvantages:

  1. Advertising restrictions to show your ads
  2. Blog host can show their ads
  3. Free blog sites can close their services anytime
  4. Restrictions on Bandwidth (Visitors and Pageviews)
  5. Restrictions on Storage Space
  6. May charge fee for upgrades

If you are serious about blogging and want to make money from it than you should start your own self-hosted blog.

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