Top 10 Ideas to Start Your Web Hosting Business

Due to the growing competition, everyone has understood the importance to have a website for their business. There are multiple reasons for having a website that directly or indirectly benefit the business owners. As a result of this, web hosting is booming and expanding rapidly. There are billions of web hosting providers available in the market and everyone commits to offer the best service at affordable cost. Those who have set up a website online, they must be aware of web hosting services but as you are a newbie and looking for global exposure for the business website then you need a web hosting service. As I mentioned earlier, competition is very high in hosting and this makes it difficult for you to select the best provider for your startup. It is well said that web hosting business does not give profit from day one, not only web hosting business, any business does not bring profit from day one. Therefore, it is necessary to get a good provider for the better start of a business.
In this article, I will highlight the indepth guide for those who are looking to start a web hosting business.

1. Select a reseller hosting company

First and foremost step is to select the provider that offers a best reseller hosting plan at affordable price. Due to growing competition, it has become tough to select the provider that offers the best features in their plans. It is always suggested to research before selecting the provider and compare the plans and price of the selected provider with whom you are willing to sign up. Everyone commits to offer the best features, but very few are genuine providers that actually work for the customer satisfaction. Therefore, it is your responsibility to know what unique feature you are getting from your provider.
Below mentioned is the list of features that you should check before getting the reseller plan:-
1. Free .Com domain
2. Free SSL Certificate
3. Free Spam Expert
4. Free WHMCS License
5. Unlimited bandwidth, email account, SSD disk space.
6. Competitive pricing
7. Payment gateway
8. SSD servers
9. Free malware scan and removal
10. Free website migration
11. Build in page caching and much more
There are ‘n’ number of features that need to be seen before buying the plan and above mentioned are the few of them. You must be thinking who will provide all these features, right? Then you can check MilesWeb Unlimited Reseller hosting plan starting Rs. 560/mo. Their servers are located in UK, USA, India and Romania and while signing up you can select a required location. However, you can get in touch with them anytime as their support team is available 24*7*365 days and they are reachable via chat, email and phone. If you are looking for business hosting then go for MilesWeb!!

2. Know your customer better and market needs

As soon as you set up the reseller account, it is necessary to know your targeted audience and the current trend in the market. On that basis, you can prepare the strategy to target the users. Identify the features which you are going to introduce in your reseller hosting plan and check the competitor’s pricing and strategy to know more about reseller hosting.

3. Automate your business with latest software

Users look for fast support and service, therefore, it is necessary for the provider to update the system with the latest technology. In short, if you are looking for a profitable business then you can utilize the unique type of software for smooth operation of the web hosting control panel. As I mentioned before, MilesWeb offers Free WHMCS license, Payment Gateway and Control panel in their plan that will help you to enhance the performance of the business.

4. Get cost-effective ISP for your hosting business

As we all know that bandwidth is the most crucial factor in web hosting business and if you are starting a web hosting business then it is compulsory to sign up an ISP contract with the provider who is going to offer hosting. In short, you have to sign a service level agreement of maximum uptime with IP pools.

5. Get sufficient bandwidth

You can say that bandwidth is a card player in the hosting, yes you can! Bandwidth is the main element in the plan that you need to consider while buying any type of hosting plan. MilesWeb offers Unlimited bandwidth in their most of the plans and hence, you can get it as per your requirement.

6. Undertake to invest in power

Running a hosting business means giving a 24*7 support and this means that you will need a higher range of power consumption. Research before setting up the accounts and also check the backup for emergency situation.

7. Consider buying a license for software

It is assumed that you must have decided the product line before starting your business. For example: In Linux VPS accounts, clients need cPanel and cost of a license are changing from one provider to another as per the price set by cPanel.net. However, setting a price range for the various licenses along with bandwidth calculation and the strategy of defining a product share for your business will help you with the complete idea of price ranges.

8. Strong support team

Support is the backbone of web hosting industry and this needs to be handled properly. In the beginning, you might need less staff to handle the queries, but when your business expands you will need a strong team to manage all those issues. After pricing, customer considers support service and so, it’s essential that the provider should offers various mediums of contacting such as chat, email and phone.

9. Server location

Yet another important factor in hosting is the server location. Before starting your business, select the server location as per your requirement. In addition, you can also introduce a CDN service to get more customers. In case you get the user who wants a server location which isn’t offered by you are then CDN will help you to get all those potential customers.

10. Advertising

Last but not least, once you have started your hosting business then the next step is advertising. There are various strategies that you can be adapted to promote your business. I will highlight some of the strategies below:-
i) SEO
ii) Blogging
iii) SMM
iv) Affiliate marketing
v) Adwords and other paid campaign


If you are willing to start your own web hosting company then this information will help you a lot to begin your hosting journey. On the other hand, it is equally important to select the best web hosting provider to expand the business on the greater level.

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