10 Best Websites to Create a Sankey Chart

Sankey Charts or diagrams are used as a standard tool to describe the flow of resources during a process visually. Sankey Charts or diagrams can be used effectively to simplify the understanding of a complex process. There are several websites available that help users create Sankey Charts. Some of the websites require the users to have a certain amount of programming knowledge, while others are entirely user-friendly.

Here are the top 10 websites that can be used to create Sankey Charts

1. The Sankey Diagram Generator

This website is more of an application in which the data can be generated in these 3 formats: .CSV, .JSON, and Pivot table. The app also lets the user customize the chart in terms of size, color, and transparency.

  • Right after you save your chart after you are done creating it, the site develops a code that can be easily shared.
  • It is also convenient to download the chart and send it over email.

2. SankeyMATIC

SankeyMATIC is one of the most commonly used sites to make Sankey charts online. It helps the users to customize their charts. It is straightforward to develop Sankey charts using this website. You simply have to upload all the inputs, and an image in the form of PNG will appear that can be exported easily. 

  • It is a user-friendly website, so the input diagram is accessible and understandable.
  • The website provides an option called vector code that is helpful while importing the chart to programs for additional improvements.

3. Visual Paradigm’s Online Sankey Diagram Maker

This site brings along with it several features that attract a lot of users. You will find a variety of templates that can be used to create your charts and make them look more attractive. You simply have to upload your data into the templates to create the Sankey Charts.

  • The site also offers you to upload pictures, colors, etc., to give your chart a touch of customization.
  • But the wide variety of features comes with a subscription fee. However, you can enjoy a free trial for the first 30 days.

4. Displayr

The website provides its users with free tools that help in the creation of charts. As soon as you create your account on the website, you can begin creating the chart by simply uploading the data. After uploading your data, you can either set it to create automatically or create it by yourself.

  • Displayr is not solely designed for Sankey charts; there are other features available that the user can explore too.
  • The only disadvantage of using this site is that you require a paid subscription if you wish to download your Sankey diagram.

6. Denes Csala’s Sankey Diagram Generator

It is the simplest site that helps you create your Sankey diagrams. The website is named after its creator, Denes Csala, and according to him, the site is designed to let users create Sankey charts in the simplest of ways. You also have the flexibility to customize the charts in terms of opacity and colors.

5. Chartguide

As the name suggests, it is not a website that creates Sankey charts; rather it guides the user that helps them in creating the charts. The site uses excel sheets and power points to do its tasks. In case you already have your data uploaded in spreadsheets, Chartguide is the best site that can be reliable for you. Chartguide helps you create Sankey Charts in excel.

7. Highcharts

It is recommended to use Highcharts for users who wish to edit their codes. Highchart not just lets you fill in your details simply but also provides options that help in augmenting the code instantly. 

  • Highcharts are similar to Visual Paradigm in that it offers numerous other chart forms like bubble, gauges, scatter charts, etc.
  • It is one of the most loved websites for creating Sankey Charts.

8. R Graph Gallery

As it is depicted in the name of the site, it is a gallery of as many as 400 charts that can be used to create Sankey charts. Moreover, all the codes of these charts can be reproduced. The website is majorly designed for dealing with statistical data, hence making it helpful in creating Sankey diagrams. 

  • The site uses HTML to create attractive charts.
  • You can always choose from the chart gallery and customize it accordingly. 

9. Python Graph Gallery

If you are not content with R but are intrigued by Python,, this website is designed for you as it helps you create Sankey charts in Python. There are a variety of duplicatable and personalized Sankey Charts options available that help you create great visuals for your complex processes.

  • The site uses a Plotly library that is specifically designed to create Sankey charts.
  • If you know Python, then this is the best website for you.

10. Google Charts

Last but not least option that is useful in creating Sankey diagrams or charts is Google Charts. The chart offers not just offer codes to create Sankey Charts but also examples that can be used as a guide to creating the charts. 

  • It also lets you personalize the charts by adding colors, tags, pictures, etc.
  • Google Charts helps you create the best Sankey charts with the simplest procedures.
  • There are other options available too that help you display your stories in a number of different ways. Therefore, if you wish to try other tools, Google Charts will let you figure out something. 


It is easier to understand complex processes if explained not just verbally but with the help of some visualizations. When it comes to visuals, charts and diagrams are the easiest options that help sink in the information. Sanky charts can save a lot of time and energy by simply making it easy for you to break down the process into smaller steps. Above are some of the sites mentioned that help you create Sanky Charts; you can rely on any one of them according to your preferences.  


1. What is the best software to create a Sankey diagram?

Plenty of software will let you make a Sankey diagram, for example, ChartExpo, Highcharts, Python Charts, etc.

2. How to make Sankey Diagram online?

Here are a few steps you can follow-

  1. Sign up for any Sankey chart software online. 
  2. Collect your data and paste it into the online tool.
  3. Export your Sankey chart into a PDF file. 

3. Can you make a Sankey diagram with Excel?

You can follow these steps to make a Sankey diagram with Excel-

  • Generate data for single Sankey lines.
  • Plot the lines separately.
  • Assemble the lines together to form a Sankey Chart.

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