Top 100 FREE Press Release Websites List to Get Traffic

In press releasing websites, submission of trending news articles about your organization takes place, and eventually, you start gaining traffic on your website because of that news. By submitting the trending information, you attract customers to your sites and get many advantages. You can look for the latest events, products, news, and services of any organization and post it to any press-releasing site. 

Press release websites are the best technique that allows Search Engine Optimization, which helps to bring incredible opportunities to blog writers and helps to get the best position in popular search engines like Bing, Google, Yahoo, etc. 

Connections with high Domain Authority allow more exposure to press release websites.

What is the meaning of a press release?

The press release is an effective way to gain good quality backlinks and a huge amount of audience within a short period. Most content creators or blogger uses free press release website lists to show their content. It helped them achieve great traffic on their sites and good ranking on the site lists. 

Gaining more traffic on your sites enables great exposure to different customers and their points of view about a particular topic related to your field, which can help in improving the lacking area. So using high public relations in press releasing submission sites helps you hit a top position in Search Engine Sites by increasing users to your websites through promotions. The press release’s objective is to grab the attention of people, Interesting news only needs 3 important elements: a good headline, perfect news body, and contact data.

A perfect press release will provide all the data about your service and also a direct link to your website so that the users approaching your products can easily get it.

There are two types of press-releasing sites

  • Free Press-releasing websites
  • Paid Press Releasing websites

Free press releasing sites

These sites bring only basic and normal services to you. If your purpose is to achieve great popularity and high media coverage then this becomes quite hard here. So better first set your goal and gradually take steps. Choose the right site which gives you all the services that you need for development. 

Paid press releasing site

In paid press sites, you have to pay money for press release submission on the website. By spending money, you will get some extra advantages and services. It will provide better services to you like good media coverage, especially for your business, and it helps you gain a good amount of traffic which further helps in increasing the chances of reaching the major media and news.

The disadvantage of paid services is they are expensive and they do not give any guarantee about the good result. So it is better to be conscious about your choices.

List of Top 100 Free Press Release Websites

Given below is the list of the top 100 free press-releasing websites that can help you find the right platform to release your news. Go through the following websites and choose the right pick according to your field.

124-7 Press Release
2Media Post
3Pr News Wire
4Globe-News Wire
5Beta News
6Tmc net
7Pr Web
8Business Wire
9Pr Log
10Open Pr
11Web Wire
12Pr Insider
14Biz Community 
15SB wire
17Access Wire
18Real Wire
19Or Distribution 
20Press Release Point
21Pr Distribution 
22Send 2 Press
24Pr Leap
26Release Wire
27Press At
28Release Wire
291888 Press Releases
30News Wire Today
31Prunder Ground
32Pr Sync
33Pr Urgent
34Press Box
35Idea Market
36Live Pr
37Online Pr News
38Email Wire
39Briefing Wire
40Issue Wire
41Web News Wire
42Pr Live
43Idea Marketer
44Pr Buzz
45The open press
46Issue Wire
47Express Press Release
48Click Press
49Pr Free
50Free Pr Now
51Market Press Release
52Pr Fire
53Live Pr
54Xpress Press
55Press ABC Directory
56For Press Release
57Press Box
58Travel Pr
59Linking News
60Exact Release
61Press About
62Pr Zoom
63Pr4 Link
64Power Home Biz
65Pr News Distribution 
66Pr wing
67Trav Pr
69Hungary News
70Real-Time Press Release
71Sard News
72Pr News Distribution 
73Press Release 101
74Press Release Pedia
75Click Press
76For Press Release
77Submit Press Release
78E-press Release
79Express Press Release
80Media India
81Media Post
82Community Good Is
83Daily Chronicles 
84Online Pr News
85Briefing Wire
86Scoop Asia
87Gulf Oil And Gas
88Keys News
89As Pen Daily News
90Pitch Engine
91NanoTech Now
92Idea Marketer
93News Vine
94Market Press Release
95Promotion World 
96Free Press Release Center
97Business Portal 24
98Press Exposure 
99Web host Magazine
100Article Circulation


You can take advantage of the above-listed press-releasing websites to select the best site for your news submission. Make as many news submissions as possible on various press release sites so that there will be a high chance of getting selected on these websites. Also, remember to check sites on a daily basis for any updates from the other side. 

Always use high-quality keywords for your article to acquire better results. This strategy helps in on-page as well as off-page SEO techniques to produce more traffic. While selecting a perfect website for your press submission, always remember certain things about those sites like Media exposure, Media Coverage, PR optimization, etc. Press-releasing websites are an outstanding tool for brand exposure Online as well as Offline.


What are the top 5 free press-releasing websites?

Given below are the top free press-releasing websites

  • Open PR
  • PR LOG
  • News wire Today
  • Issue Wire
  • 1888 Press Release

What are the benefits of Press Release Sites?

Following are the benefits of Press Release Sites

  • Boosts Domain Authority 
  • Helps in getting traffic to the website
  • Website promotion and Branding
  • Diversify and build links to your Profile.

What are the things to remember while submitting a press release?

  • You should be aware of your target users.
  • Before submitting a press release, research it properly to maximize SEO possibilities. 
  • Use proper keywords related to your subject to attract an audience.
  • Always carry enough information about sites related to press releases so that you will be able to choose one that is best for you.

Do press releasing websites charge money? 

There are two types of press release websites, one which is paid and the other which is free. It depends totally upon you which one you want to go for.

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