10 Legit Sites to Get Married Online Legally

Marriage is one of the most crucial parts of our lives, and who doesn’t plan their wedding? Everyone has their own choices as to how their wedding would look like. But there might arise circumstances where you would need to get married online. During the time of the pandemic, when it became impossible to gather at a place and practice religious ceremonies, online marriages came to the rescue. If you are wondering how to get married online, then you are at the right place.

1. Simply Eloped

Simply Eloped doesn’t use the term “elope” as per its actual meaning. It instead refers to a private wedding that seeks the blessings of as many as 20 guests. The team provides you with a guide that takes you along with your wedding preparations right from the beginning until the last ceremonies. Simply Eloped is among those sites that provide you with services from flowers, hair, makeup, videos, etc.

  •   Simply Eloped doesn’t claim itself as a wedding planning site.
  •   Marriages on Simply Eloped are legal as the site has an independent procedure for wedding permits and licenses.

2. WebWed

WebWed is the most famous website for getting married online. The site has fantastic reviews of clients that have already gotten married successfully. Moreover, if you can get married online to someone in another country is the question that has been running through your mind then WedWeb is the best place to rely on.

  •   You also get your wedding licenses after you are married using WedWeb.
  •      If you are looking for your wedding to be recognized outside your resident country, then WedWeb has a solution for that, too, through Apostille licenses.

3. MarryFromHome

Yet another famous website to get legally married online. This site displays the major part of what it does from its name alone. The website offers various services for online weddings. Users from any country who wish to get married online can rely on to MarryFromHome.

  •    The weddings are hustle free with MarryFromHome as they handle the entire legal work on their own.
  •  You just have to pay for their services.
  •   You can invite as many as 90 visitors to the ceremony, and the wedding is completed in just half an hour.

4. HitchSwitch 

      The hitch switch allows you to switch your name as soon as you are hitched and hence the name. There are a lot of crucial tasks that need to be completed legally after you tie your knots, and one of them is changing your name on papers. It is tedious work and requires a lot of switching places to get your name changed legally. 

  • HitchSwitch makes the task easy for you by providing you with easy services to change your name legally.
  • Their service is one of the best and hustle-free services. 

5. MarriageToGo

MarriageToGo is a website that allows you to marry legally but confidentially. If you are looking forward to engaging yourself in a private or secret wedding, then this is the website that you are looking for. It is a safe website to rely on for confidential legal weddings. 

  • No matter what your reason is, it remains entirely with yourself.
  • Moreover, the reviews of the site are phenomenal.

6. Courtly

Courtly provides you with the service to get married legally from the comfort of your home. It is a quick, user-friendly, and legal website to rely on. The complicated process of getting hitched is made easier with the services of Courtly. It does all the paperwork required to get your wedding a legal tag. 

  • Courtly is a rapid website, and it will permanently save you time.
  • All you are required to do is finalize your date and schedule for your wedding.
  • Courtly makes every other arrangement. 
  • It gets you access to your license within 12 hours of your wedding.

7. OnlineMarriage

It is the easiest and quickest way to get legally married. The maximum time it requires for you to be Mr. and Mrs. is 24 hours. It permits you to get your marriage a legal certificate in the US. This site can be used by anyone all over the world. 

  • It does not discriminate the couples on any basis.
  • You can be of varied nationality, be present at different locations and still use the site just like everybody else. 
  • The site does not even gather your identity cards and hence is one of the safest platforms to get married legally.

 8. Virtualmarriage.com

One of the quickest sites to tie the knots virtually. All you need is a little bit of your time to let the team know about your schedule. It allows you to get hitched through a zoom call that lasts for as long as 10 minutes. What else could be better than getting married to the love of your life within 10 minutes? 

  • The site gets you a legally valid marriage certificate within a day.
  • There are thousands of happily married couples that trusted the website to get matched online.
  • Marriage certificates are considered legal in as many as 50 states in the USA.

9. Instant marriage

It is clear from the name; it gets you hitched instantly. The services provided by instant marriage are entirely legal, and they offer you everything that is required to get legally married. You do not have to travel to places just to get married. 

  • A time-being marriage certificate is also provided in case you are planning to move to a different country.
  • The certificate is legal proof of your marriage in other countries.

10. WedFuly

You will have to start with confirming an appointment with WedFuly so that they confirm all your bookings on time and you do not have to face any issues during your wedding. WedFuly is a trustworthy site for getting married legally. It is quick and straightforward to use and is available worldwide.

  • You can be sure of the validation of your marriage as it provides you with a wedding license. 
  • You are provided with your wedding license on the same day you get married.


1. Can you get married online through the internet?

Definitely! It is possible to get married online as there are plenty of legit websites that offer online legal marriage services.

2. Is online marriage legal in the US?

Yes, it depends on individual states, but in most of them, it is legal.

3. Can you marry someone from another country online?

Yes, you can marry anyone you love, even if they are from another country. 

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