100+ Blog Post Ideas to Fuel Your Digital Marketing Agency’s Blog

Helping businesses get more traffic, build brand awareness, and create authority in their niche — blogging has very much become a crucial part of every digital marketing strategy. 

Coming up with engaging blog post ideas and catchy headlines, however, proves to be a formidable challenge faced by many digital marketing agencies and business owners alike. 

How to write a blog post that’s going to win the hearts of my reader? 

And more importantly, bring more traffic to your client’s website? Remember, Google evaluates the quality of your content, and based on its relevance (among other factors), will rank your post accordingly.

To overcome this, we’ve put together a list of 100+ blog ideas to fill up your content calendars for months on end. But first, let’s quickly go over the basics of how to write a blog post.

Define who you are writing for

Before you can come up with irresistible blog ideas that your audience will find valuable and engaging, you need to find out who your audience actually is. 

Creating customer profiles or personas helps you uncover their pain points, problems, and desires. Do you see where we are going with this? This will help drive a wealth of meaningful blog ideas that are going to answer their questions, solve their problems and inspire them.

It also helps you connect the dots between your client’s services and products to the needs of your target audience. In turn, this allows you to establish a relationship with potential prospects and build brand authority. 

With your target audience in mind, let’s get straight into the blog post ideas.

Instructional and educational blog posts

  1. How to overcome your target persona’s problem.
  2. A simple guide on understanding a complex idea or concept.
  3. A number of steps to achieving your target’s goal/desire.
  4. The difference between X and Y.
  5. Create the ultimate guide to [action] and [desire].
  6. Write a checklist that makes life easier.
  7. What questions should someone ask when choosing?
  8. What technical jargon needs to be clarified in your industry?
  9. Is your process complicated? List it out in steps.
  10.  Recommend the best tools when completing a task.
  11.  Explaining the buyer’s journey is complicated. What about an infographic? 
  12.  How to qualify a lead makes more sense visually. What about an infographic? 
  13.  Does your company create complex funnels? Turn it into an explainer series. 
  14.  The hardest part about [digital marketing] and how you overcome it.
  15.  What are the majority of clients/customers asking you [about your product or service]? Turn it into a pillar page or upgrade your service page.
  16.  Are there common misconceptions about your industry? Busta Myth or two.

Research blog posts

  1.  The latest trends in your industry and bring out the stats to prove it.
  2.  Create a toolkit and list free tools used for tracking data.
  3.  What’s your web design process? Write a case study.
  4.  Digital channel vs Digital channel and how to choose what’s right for your business.
  5.  Where do people hang out online? Research the most popular channels among target audiences.
  6.  Discuss the customer journey and its importance from a business standpoint
  7.  List factors to consider when choosing a digital marketing agency.
  8.  What questions are your clients asking? Create a FAQ.
  9.  Do you have a strategy? Define your knowledge base and why it matters.
  10.  Interview anyone lately? Here’s what they had to say about [topic]
  11.  Is your service offering more successful in certain industries? Report on it.

Roundup blog posts

  1.  What have you been reading lately that’s game-changing? Compile a list.
  2.  Are your customers numbers-driven? Curate a list of the latest stats.
  3.  Have you spoken to several industry experts lately? What did they have to say?
  4.  Does your agency execute something very well? Share those strategies.
  5.  Wish you knew certain things when you first started? List them out.
  6.  The best of ways to go about writing blogs — 101 creative ideas to create engaging blog content
  7.  Create a massive resource list of links about a specific topic.

Brand building blog posts

  1.  Interview local business owners, turn it into a podcast? 
  2.  Run an event and summarise the day. Post it on social media.
  3.  Have an exceptional employee? Tell their story, you are humans too.
  4.  Talk about the most practical uses for your services and products
  5.  Has your team engaged in any bonding events or activities lately? Talk about it.

Thought-provoking blog posts

  1.  What are people getting really, really wrong right now? Clarify it.
  2.  Are you particularly excited about something in your industry? 
  3.  Myths vs reality 
  4.  Are there any grey areas in your industry that need to be discussed?
  5.  Pen an open letter to your audience
  6.  Are there any rules in your industry that are meant to be broken? Please, explain.
  7.  Any big industry names conversing over a hot topic? Analyse and formulate an opinion. 
  8.  What does the future hold for your industry? Talk about game-changers.

Fun and personal blog posts

  1.  What kind of books do professionals in your industry (or team) read?
  2.  Resources helpful to SMEs.
  3.  Have your team weigh in on the work from the home debate.
  4.  Monumental shifts in your industry that shook your core.
  5.  A collection of funny headlines you’ve come across in your work.
  6.  Does your team have weekly or monthly aspirations? 
  7.  List your employee’s favourite movies
  8.  Anything exciting or fun happens at the office this week? 
  9.  Does your company use unnecessary abbreviations? Explain common acronyms in your workplace or industry.  
  10.  What do your peers like to do outside of work? 

Lifestyle blog posts

  1.  Know how to stay motivated while working from home? Spill the beans.
  2.  Got a tried and tested routinely for handling stress? Ask the team for their best techniques.
  3.  How do you (or your team) relax and unwind after a long day?
  4.  Favourite / what podcasts do you and the team listen to?
  5.  What type of music helps you be more productive? Get the team’s input. 
  6.  Have a bookshelf at work? What’s on it right now.
  7.  Seen any inspirational videos lately (from your industry)? Share it.
  8.  What’s your morning routine? How do you get into gear for a day of work?

Timely and newsworthy blog posts

  1.  Seen the latest report on a Google update? What does this mean for businesses?
  2.  Conducted any surveys lately? Share the results with your reader.
  3.  Any new tools for tracking lead data from a business standpoint? 
  4.  What’s currently trending in your industry? Does it have an impact on your clients?
  5.  Are there any issues your audience is currently dealing with? 
  6.  Write a review on a product, event, or anything that is newsworthy and relevant to your industry and audience.

Promotional blog posts

  1.  Do you support or fund any charities or run charity events?
  2.  Why should someone choose you over your competitors? 
  3.  What makes your business unique? Think ‘ultimate value proposition’.
  4.  How does your service/product compare to a competitor? Competitor comparison. 
  5.  Can you get your target audience to imagine the first few weeks of using your product or service? 
  6.  Has your company implemented anything new or improved on? Share it.
  7.  How can your target audience make the most of your product or service? Give some tips. 
  8.  Do clients have trouble understanding what you do? Create an event, recap it, re-purpose it on social media. 

Content marketing blog posts

  1.  A day in the life of a content marketer. Talk about a particular process that is relevant to your readers.
  2.  Has your team learned any lessons for the year? What does it mean to your readers?
  3.  Highlight a frequently asked question.
  4.  Do you have any predictions on future trends?
  5.  Create a top 10 list.
  6.  Create a contest.
  7.  Interview a client. 
  8.  Don’t forget to post on holidays. 
  9.  Interview a guest blogger.
  10.  Relate your content to a news event or celebrity.
  11.  Any industry trending topics on Twitter? Write about it.
  12.  Create a list of the biggest influencers in your industry. Why did you choose them?
  13.  Recap your most popular posts for the year.
  14.  Any surprising facts about your industry? 
  15.  Compare different types of advertising. Traditional vs digital; channel vs channel. Can you turn it into an infographic?
  16.  List your best performing content of all time. Check analytics.
  17.  Do you have any best practices for your industry/profession? Share them.
  18.  Do you know something that others might not? Write a ‘did you know.

Multimedia blog posts

  1.  Got lots to talk about? Start a podcast and turn each episode into a blog.
  2.  Discuss social media trends. 
  3. Any social network updates? What does this mean for your readers?
  4. Spotlight: Any brand doing exceptionally well on socials?
  5. Discuss how YouTube can be utilised by businesses.

And there you have it. Enough blog content ideas to fill your digital marketing agency’s content calendar for months to come. 

Always remember when creating content, that you keep your target audience in mind. The better you know them, the easier it will be to come up with engaging content they will love.


Zara Dumayas is Invicta Agency’s Partnerships Manager. She oversees the affiliate relationship of the company with other business partners. Her experience in digital marketing ranges from SEO, SEM, Adwords, and Web Design. Follow her on Twitter: @Zara_Invicta 

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