Coding for Kids: 10 Best Sites for Kids to Learn Programming

Coding is the most demanding skill set in this tech-driven world of programming. It has become a vital skill for adults and even kids to learn. 

Teaching kids programming from a young age would open opportunities to succeed and prosper in this highly competitive world.

Learning how to code or program at a young age is quite beneficial as it prepares kids for a tech-driven world and engages their minds in critical and analytical thinking.

Moreover, having coding skills nurtures kids’ minds as it has many advantages, such as kids becoming better at math, enhancing academic writing performance, boosting creativity, and building confidence in problem-solving.

Here, we have compiled and researched 10 best websites that offer fun and exciting tutorials and courses for kids to learn programming and coding. 

10 Best Sites to Learn Programming

CodeSpark Academy

CodeSpark Academy is an award-winning coding website that offers kids free coding lessons.

  • The website or app provides a game-like interface, making coding more effortless and more fun.
  • It has various worlds and characters that explore different coding concepts with problem-solving and logical thinking skills.
  • Codespark academy encourages kids to create their games and stories through their coding skills.


Code.org is a non-profit organization that offers free coding lessons to kids.

  • It offers projects and interactive tutorials for kids from basics to advanced, like HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.
  • Kids can learn computer science by completing its four-series courses.
  • The courses include various activities, puzzles, and videos that help students design games for sharing online.

Coding with Kids

Coding with kids offers the highest quality coding education to kids worldwide, which is in Partnership with Amazon’s Future Engineer program.     

  • It has trained over 50,000 children with the most comprehensive curriculum and perfect online tutorials.
  • The site has been recognized on leading programs and featured on NBC Today Show.
  • It offers popular programming courses like machine learning, artificial intelligence, etc.        


CodaKid is an online teaching website that teaches coding to kids through modding and game development.

  • It provides an exciting and direct experience with hands-on application.
  • The academy provides Minecraft modding, Roblox coding, and video game courses.
  • Kids can build the projects they love through various tools such as scratch and Minecraft Forge.

Create & Learn

Create & Learn offers fun courses and online classes for kids taught by Stanford & MIT    experts.  

  • The curriculum is arranged by experts in various fields like Google, Stanford, and MIT.
  • It provides free live video lessons with fun ways to learn from experts. Moreover, it has personalized learning paths for kids.
  • It has robotics, mobile apps, scratch, game development courses, and many more. 


Blockly offers free block-based programming that provides online lessons to kids.

  • It teaches coding through a series of block programming puzzles to kids.
  • It is designed for students or kids who don’t have any idea about computer programming.
  • It is a simple tool in which kids have to solve the puzzle by dragging and dropping code blocks to solve challenges.
  • Kids can read independently to enhance their skills without any assistance.

Code Monster

Code Monster is an online programming website that offers a fun and gentle introduction to basic programming concepts.

  • It provides JavaScript programming courses through interactive sessions with a blue monster.
  • It includes 59 advanced tutorials in which the screen presents two boxes- on one box, the result of the code is displayed, and on the other, the children’s code.
  • It is based in Seattle, WA, and is a part of Crunchzilla suite of game and educational projects by Geeky Ventures.


CodinGame offers free online lessons through games and puzzles based on coding.

  • The websites help kids to improve their coding skills by exploring creation and gameplay.
  • Kids can learn coding in various languages, including HTML, Java, C++, python, and ruby.
  • Moreover, kids can practice coding by competing in coding challenges, solving puzzles, and contributing to multi-player games.


Code combat offers an excellent learning experience through text-based coding and fun

that is available in any browser.

  • A free version of the site provides an in-depth introduction to coding.
  • It comprises 39 levels and teaches kids basic strings, parameters, syntax, and variables. Moreover, it helps kids improve in coding by giving missions like solving a puzzle or maze.
  • Their paid version offers more advanced modules such as game development and web development.

Khan academy

Khan academy is one of the most popular websites for educational purposes, and it   offers various courses like coding for free

  • The platform has added programming and coding courses for kids aged 12 or older and is a reliable source of learning.
  • It provides courses on various topics, including the basics of programming, algorithms, and internet 101.
  • The coding lessons cover HTML, JavaScript, and SQL for creating interactive webpages, building websites, managing data, and animation.


1. How do I teach my 10-year-old programming?

You can try signing up for platforms like CodaKid, Khan Academy, etc. for your kid to learn to code.

2. Where can my child learn coding?

Here are some free and paid websites where you can start your kid’s coding journey-

  • Code.org
  • Blockly
  • Code for Life
  • Gamestar Mechanic
  • Khan Academy, and more.

3. Which programming is best for kids?

If you’re confused about which programming language to choose from, choose one of these-

  • C#
  • C++
  • Lua
  • Python

4. At what age kids start coding?

Although these isn’t a defined minimum age for coding, most parents start teaching their kid how to code after they turn 7 or 8, depending upon the country, exposure, and other factors.

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